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      MUNSELL Color tree色樹

      MUNSELL Color tree色樹

      更新時間: 2017-04-29
      型    號: Munsell COLORTREE
      報    價:

      MUNSELL Color tree色樹

      Munsell COLORTREEMUNSELL Color tree色樹的詳細資料:

      MUNSELL Color tree色樹 

      This 3-D model of the Munsell color order system is a functional, yet beautiful work of art
      for your home, office, or classroom. It includes 309 Munsell chips on 10 clear acrylic panels.
      You assemble the acrylic panels onto a wooden base. That is where the learning begins. You have to place
      the panels in hue order according the correct value scale. Once assembled, this 3-D color globe makes an
      attractive piece for your desk or favorite table
      · 309 permanently mounted 0.5 square Munsell color chips
      · 10 clear acrylic hue pages
      · Wooden base
      · Instructions
      MUNSELL Color tree色樹 Specifications:
      Each panel: 10.75mmx 10mm
      Base: 10mmdiameter
      Height: 8mm
      Weight: 3 lbs. Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.



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